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Our Acting Agency Sydney have an extensive Database of Talent from Presenters, Professional Actors, Extras, to Real Life Everyday People and families, we have fresh new Faces all the time.  Our Acting Agencies in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane will always ensure you have punctual, enthusiastic and a diverse mix of Actors excited and eager to be cast for your next Film, Theatre, or TVC or program.  

Promotional Models in Perth

A promotional model is the face of a brand and the primary asset of a company in the field. Their roles are to increase the overall awareness of the consumers and help boost the sales as well. In Australia, Perth is one of several states where you can find the finest promotional models. If you are an aspiring promotional model and dreams to be the future Alyssa Sutherland or Elle Macpherson, then you still have a long way to go to hit a home run. Some promotional models use their profession as a stepping stone to establish their profile in Perth. If you want to start a career in the modeling industry by being a promotional model in Perth, then you may want to improve your skills related to the job.

Work on your social skills

Unlike cover models that can be seen on billboards and magazines, promotional models are required to have good socialization skills. They are expected to communicate with the consumers or participating audience and answer all the questions pertaining to the product being endorsed. They must talk positively about their brands and be very polite at all times even if the customers are not. If you are an introvert and you do not want everyone’s eyes on you, then you must reconsider your choice of career.

Handling rejections

Making a sale may or may not be part of your job as a promotional model because your primary goal is to create awareness. However, rejection doesn’t only come to those who sell. There are some audiences who have problems appreciating things and may bash your products in front of others. Your job is to keep things cool and make way to avoid unnecessary arguments. For example, if someone says that your product tastes like crap, simply tell them that you appreciate their comments, and that you’ll take note of their feedback to further improve the quality of the product. Promotional models always keep their temper and smile at all cost.

Know your product

You are promoting the product because obviously it’s new and you want people to be aware of it. Others think that this type of job is a no-brainer and anyone can do it even without proper training, but this is not the case. In this job, people expect you to answer questions related to the product that you are promoting otherwise, they’ll tag you as just another pretty face. Know the who, what, where and when of your products. You must also be ready to state the difference of your brand as compared to others. If you honestly don’t know the answer and the customer insists, ask for their contact number and tell them that you or somebody from the company will get in touch to answer their query.




Top Models Modelling Agencies Brisbane is the place to hire you Models and Talent.  Book Top Models or Contact us today to receive a quote  Top Models is one of Australia’s top modelling agencies Brisbane. We have a huge range of Models for any Assignment, Photo shoot or Event. Our Modeling Agency in Brisbane has talent from young to old, all nationalities ages and looks, from High Class Fashion Models to the Girl Next Door.   Top Models Modelling Agency have been in the industry for many years and will always ensure you have the best Models to represent your brand.   Modelling Agencies in Melbourne have huge competition but Top Models stand strong over the years with our extensive database of exceptional Models Australia Wide.

Fitness Models Gold Coast

Associating with promotional models is considered as one of the finest means for an organization or any business to reach the public. With Fitness Models Gold Coast has, establishing a unique identity on the field of experimental advertising and marketing is a simple task. Most critical, is to have the right promotional models to represent and talk with the consumers. Product demand depends on the interaction between the consumers and the business. There are numerous approaches to utilize business promotion models. This is better more when gaining better relationship between the business and the customers. It helps in increasing the necessity for the merchandise and sales as listed below.

Business promotional models usually are well trained to help your brand get projected. They do the best in most circumstances from item demonstration and sampling programs. They do the best even in aggressive public events and PR stunts. To improve the demand of the brand's product;. the best Fitness Models Gold Coast has are employed by brands to literally keep in touch with the customers.

However the time spent between the models and the customer may differ to a certain extent. A good interaction based on the product and various features is done in the way which they are marketed.

These types of models have responsibilities other than just the merchandise demonstration. They are the ones representing your brand. They make the buzz, conveying the information on the merchandise. They respond to the public questions in an efficient manner. They create brand awareness. When the consumers start using your product, the actual models drive the interest of the customers. They interact directly in a confident way encouraging brand loyalty.

You get the best in booth marketing, sampling programs, mall and retail advertising and marketing programs. Models help in sports marketing, health and fitness programs and promotional conferences. There are other many examples where a brand can utilize the promotional models to boost product awareness and its visibility.

Although there are many approaches to promote business, a lot of those ways are turning out to be less effective. They even cost increasingly more. Television is one particular advertising medium. Television bombards visitors with unremarkable advertising every single day. Annually, thousands of ads clobber visitors but they are not better anymore. At the end of the year, a normal viewer might remember no more than a couple of the ads. Remember, these are ads that businesses spend millions to advertise.

For a fraction of the expense of one television ad, you can hire Fitness Models Gold Coast has to make your brand known. Unlike television, models will help you gain more customers. Many customers easily remember models they met at events in the past. Try out the Fitness Models Gold Coast offers you today. You won't possibly be sorry.




Melbourne the home for High Fashion, Boutique Stores and Racing. Top Models is one of Australia’s top modelling agencies Melbourne.  Book Top Models or Contact us today to receive a quote   We have a huge range of Models for any Assignment, Photo shoot or Event. Our Modelling Agency in Melbourne has talent from young to old, all nationalities ages and looks, from High Class Fashion Models to the Girl Next Door.   Top Models Modelling Agency have been in the industry for many years and will always ensure you have the best Models to represent your brand.   Modelling Agencies in Melbourne have huge competition but Top Models stand strong over the years with our extensive database of exceptional Models Australia Wide.

Mature Models Sydney

The Effectiveness of Mature Models Throughout Marketing Campaigns Marketing is an essential part of the success of any business. This is why so many business owners constantly look for methods for promoting their goods effectively. Companies want ways to attract as much new customers as possible. As the TV commercial can be very effective, sometimes an advertising campaign through models would bring just as much results and allow companies to spend a small budget. Almost all new companies are shocked when they find out how expensive a traditional TV campaign could be. But, the alternative of promoting your products through Mature Models Sydney has can be very effective.

Why Mature Models for marketing?

Such promotional campaigns provide results. People could be better convinced to try a new service if they interact directly with someone. This better rather than just hearing about the product at the radio or TV. Several large companies use promotion staff to do their TV and radio marketing promotions. This may increase his or her sales and folks' receptivity towards a particular message. Even people who only offer services such as for instance banks can take advantage of a professionally educated Mature Models Sydney has to offer. This type of person is trained to talk with potential clients about certain product or service. In addition, people have the ability to get additional information about your products if they're interested. There are many marketing companies available on the market that offer people the likelihood of hiring professional models to promote their products or maybe services properly.

A number of companies use advertising models to spread flyers and organize various raffles. This is where by people can get prizes and be more tempted to buy the merchandise of the advertised company. In recent years, promotional marketing campaigns are far more and very popular. Companies have started to understand how cost-effective and efficient they could be. Everyone has seen those ladies for the mall dressed in a pretty uniform, promoting various products and many times, people have purchased the merchandise which were advertised. This can be a testimony of how effective these campaigns may be and why they're so popular among companies currently. Every major company available on the market has hired at least one time a group of models and they have obtained positive results in the process.

Mature Models Sydney for you to get more

Overall, something is for sure. Companies looking to stay on the top and gain a bigger market share should definitely consider the likelihood of hiring promotional models. Models will help them to attain their goals faster. Most business owners do not know the difference that a successful marketing campaign will make until they see the results. It's amazing how well people respond to direct marketing. Those who opt to hire a group of professionals to promote their image are always happy about their particular decision.

Fashion Models Melbourne

Melbourne is a city of culture, class and Fashion modelling. Here at Top Models and Events we know that you want the perfect fashion model who understands the people and market of Melbourne to represent your brand. Our fashion models are experienced in walking the catwalk and delivering stunning photo shoots which exemplify all the good qualities of your clothes, jewellery, accessories and anything in between. They will make your brand stand out from the crowd and draw in customers with their unique looks and passion for modelling. Our fashion models in Melbourne are the best fashion models you can find in the city, and they will deliver what you want in every aspect of their modelling.

To be a fashion model is harder than it looks, and in Melbourne there are a lot of amateurs floating around in the market. Our agency separates those with talent from those who simply have good looks, allowing you to find a fashion model who can give you what you need for your brand, which is a real fashion model who knows how to show off your brand, rather than simply a pretty face. Fashion models on our books don’t just wear clothes; they sell clothes, drawing in prospective buyers and giving your brand a face that represents everything you want.

No matter how quirky or alternative the message you send with your clothing is, within our vast range of Melbourne fashion models is the one model who suits your exact needs. The fashion models we can offer you are talented and trained at exhibiting your fashion brand for the masses in a photo shoot, or for the highly critical fashion community on the catwalk. They will never let you down, always changing and refining their modelling to allow your clothing to stand out. Due to their training, they are able to handle the pressure of modelling in a way some fashion models simply cannot.

Our fashion models will always hold the highest of your expectations and exceed them. They are reliable and trustworthy both in their performance as fashion models and in showing up to events and shoots. You won’t be disappointed with our fashion models and their talent for modelling your clothes, and you’ll never be let down by their failure to arrive or perform.

Melbourne can be a difficult place to find the right fashion model with the excess quantity of people offering their services, but we hope to make the process easier with our range of excellent fashion models to represent your fashion brand. Booking a fashion model through us is easy, and we’ll ensure that you find the right fashion model to represent your clothing brand in Melbourne.

Email: to book your Melbourne Fashion Models Today or call 1300784 003

Alternative Models Sydney

Why Hire Skilled Marketing Alternative Models For Advertising and Marketing Campaigns A lot of things have changed in the field of marketing and it takes a truly creative and flexible team to match everything. Regardless of the business sector, competition is not getting any milder. Unless you're prepared to step into the challenge, there is a higher chance you will waste time.

Considering the incredible expansion of technology, many managers are tempted to take into account only the modern medium for their marketing campaigns. It can't be denied that the online marketing offers great benefits. Both when it comes to price and direct exposure, but that doesn't imply that it should completely replace standard marketing. You will find still many situations when solutions such as for instance event, promo and experiential marketing provides positive results. Provided you use the proper event marketing businesses, that is.

Marketing Alternative Models Sydney has are the key element that can determine that success or even failure of advertising and marketing campaigns. And, without exaggeration, it may be said that you're leaving your company in their hands when you choose to hire them. For that reason, you have to make sure that the modeling personnel is qualified in advance for your marketing campaign.

Alternative Models Sydney to Make Your Company Known

The primary reason why alternative modeling is important is because it encourages client-provider interaction. With advertising becoming so widespread, people have been used to passing by flashing billboards and colorful banners every day. Even video commercials are forced to use attractive images and messages to draw the eye of the target audience. However, promotional models can adapt marketing strategies from client to client, let them have information of the company and also persuade them to try the products by offering samples and answering their questions.

Alternative Models Can Get You More New Customers

Alternative Models Sydney market offers you are is friendly, pleasant and convincing. People who come into contact with them are more likely to react positively to the company. Most companies associate models with the ubiquitous image of cute girls in shopping centers that invite clients to taste product samples. This is indeed one of the very widespread forms of promotional marketing, however, not the only one. For example, many companies are now actually using experiential marketing. Road shows and sampling events, which may have proved to be quite popular. Promotional and experiential marketing campaigns are

necessary. Especially if you are launching a fresh product. It's common knowledge that people are curious, but hesitant when it comes to testing out new things. But, if you have someone who is able to tell them more about the item and answer their questions, they're more likely to trust your company and make a purchase.

Fashion Models Brisbane

Fashion models will wear your clothing line with the style and flair you want it to have. Their personality and looks should be perfectly matched to your brand, and we can set that match up for you. Our fashion models in Brisbane are experienced, talented locals who know the Brisbane industry and can tailor their modelling to match.  Contact Us Today for a Competitive Quote 

Our versatile fashion models in Brisbane have got you covered no matter what you are looking for. They are experienced at photo shoots and on the catwalk, and love to undertake new experiences if there is a different twist you’d like to put on their modelling. They take feedback and guidelines on board and respond accordingly, making them perfect for modelling in a range of situations. We don’t solely rely on talent and experience, and keep our fashion models up to date with the latest styles and training in different methods of fashion modelling. They are always ready to learn and change for however your brand wants their models to look.

Reliability is paramount when it comes to being a fashion model in Brisbane. Luckily, we keep our fashion models on track, ensuring that they show up on time, every time. We don’t keep unreliable models on our books, so you are guaranteed a good experience when you hire a fashion model through our agency. Even out of the way locations are no problem for our fashion models, who will deliver the same high quality service for your fashion label no matter what the situation.

Fashion models can’t just look good; they have to feel what a brand needs and be able to respond to that in their modelling. Our fashion models in Brisbane are excellent at knowing how your brand wants to be portrayed in a photo shoot or on the catwalk, and delivering this look for you. They are versatile and adaptable, and their fashion intelligence lets them deliver a high quality modelling experience that is targeted to your brand and its message. These fashion models wear clothing and jewellery with a flair that comes from understanding what clients want and how to deliver on that. This results in making your brand stand out from the crowd with a unique fashion model who works to your image with their look, rather than a run of the mill fashion model who isn’t an individual.

If you’re looking for a fashion model in Brisbane who can do the best job possible, look no further than our agency. Our fashion models have all the necessary skills and experience to show off your clothing in the way you want it to be worn. They will make your brand stand out with their expertise which allows them to tailor their modelling to fit exactly what you want. For a fashion model in Brisbane who fits your brand, contact our agency.

Female Promo Models Canberra

The main job of a female promo model is somewhat self-evident; to promote a company or brand. She is fun-loving and makes your products look good to everyone she encounters, whatever the event. She can promote at any kind of event, whether it’s a car show or on a convention floor. Email us today

Our agency can help you find the perfect female promo model in Canberra. Our wide range of diverse promo models means that we have someone for every brand, and every event that your brand or company wants representation at. Whatever message your company wants to send, we have a female promo model in Canberra who is perfect for you. Our female promo models will send exactly the message that you want to get across to potential customers in an exciting and fun way.

Female promo models in Canberra are not always great. Luckily, our selection of female promo models have been hand-picked for their skills in this tricky industry. They draw customers in with their good looks and smiles, and will help your brand to stand out among all the others. The ideal female promo model understands that when representing the company at an event, she is the face of their brand. All our female promo models in Canberra understand this, and are trained to interact with the public in a way that presents your brand in the best possible light.

Canberra is full of people who want to know that a brand is relatable directly to them. Hiring a female promo model helps your brand to create this relatable image, as they break down any barriers in communication between you and your potential customers. The female promo model you choose becomes like a walking, talking version of your brand, and the consumers in Canberra love this sense of direct communication and interaction with your brand and products. They will tell their friends and family about the amazing woman they met and how she was the perfect image of your amazing brand. Female promo models increase sales and awareness of your products and company, through building a positive image in the eyes of the public.

If you want your brand to stand out at events in Canberra, hiring one of our friendly female promo models is a great way to start. With our diverse range of female promo models in Canberra, we can set you up with someone on our books who would be ideal to represent your brand, whatever that may be. A female promo model will give life and energy to your company or brand, making a good impression on everyone she encounters and advertising your products. Make a positive difference to your brand’s image by hiring one of our female promo models to represent you at events and functions.

Male Models Sydney

Our male models are the best and most experienced catwalk or promotional models that we can find to recruit in Sydney. The talents and strengths of these models are known to us so that we can match them perfectly to our clients and their needs. Attractive, confident and intelligent, our male models are able to tackle any event, whether you need them to display your clothes in a photo shoot or on the catwalk. We develop our male models into the best in the business, from when we select them as fresh faces walking the streets of Sydney to when we have trained them and given them the necessary experience to take on a big job.

Being a male model in Sydney is a competitive business, but we ensure that our male models will win every time. They are professionals, motivated and talented at selling products with their looks and charisma. When they walk into a room you can immediately sense their presence; our male models captivate and charms audiences whether in person or in an ad.

With their intelligence and experience, our male models in Sydney are able to recognise and develop your brand as its representative. They know that when advertising your products, a male model is the face of your brand, and should behave accordingly. Their insights allow them to know how your brand would want to be presented and they will not make inexperienced mistakes of bringing the wrong mood and feeling to a photo shoot or catwalk presentation.

Well presented and charismatic, male models should always be able to captivate a room, so that everyone is focussed on the products they are selling. We hand pick our male models for these very qualities, ensuring that they don’t just look good but also know how to sell. Our male models are highly trained to understand the market in Sydney and how to play to it with a certain aura or mood.

If you’re in Sydney and looking for a male model to represent your brand or line of clothing, look no further. We have a range of incredibly talented male models who know exactly what they are doing. Reliable as well as talented, they will represent your brand in the best possible way and allow you to relax a little, knowing that you are represented by the best male model for you. Our wide range of male models means that we truly have one for any brand out there, and whoever you choose will be an ideal match. This is the agency that can set you up with the male model you’ve been looking for, to advertise your brand exactly how you want him to.

Acting Casting Agency

A casting agency for actors is somewhere you can call to find the perfect actor for a role. They have a range of capable performers in a database, and are able to give you options until you find the right actor for a role.

Need to hire an actor? Doubtful about finding the best actor for the job? Hire through an acting casting agency, like our company. We eliminate the risk when you hire an actor through us by handpicking the best talent prior to you employing our services. All of our actors are specifically chosen through a screening and talent process, and our large talent base means that when you hire through our acting casting agency, you get exactly what you pay for. Our acting casting agency will link you up with the best possible actor for the role you’re looking to cast, with an actor for every role imaginable.

The talent base of our acting casting agency is huge and diverse. We have selected all the best actors we could find, everyone of them unique. No matter what role you are looking to cast, we have the guy or girl for your film or TV programme. Jobs are never too big or too small for us, so whatever your status is in the world of stage and screen, we are happy to help you find an incredible actor to bring your script to life.

Our actors thrive on a challenge, and as an acting casting agency we make sure that they are able to deliver on every job to the highest possible standard. Our agency will never set you up with an actor who is inexperienced or unsure of their ability for the job. In casting an actor, we understand how difficult it can be to know an actor’s ability, which is why our actors are both experienced and trained. They will handle every situation maturely and work with a sense of knowledge that only comes from experience working in all types of productions.

Reliability is important in this industry where smoke and mirrors are so often used. We are open, honest and transparent in our negotiations as an acting casting agency. What you see is exactly what you will get. Our acting casting agency organises our actors and keeps them in communication with you, making sure that they know all the details and will be where you need them to be punctually, ready to go for whatever job you have employed them. We believe that when everything is clear and understood by both parties, the best possible results are attained, which makes our acting casting agency one of the most reliable you could find.

Acting casting agencies like ours ensure that our clients are given the best possible service. We don’t deceive our clients, and none of our actors are substandard. We take away the insecurity of not knowing who you are hiring, by making screening all our actors for talent before putting them on our books. Using our acting casting agency is like browsing a library of talent. We can come up with lists of actors who are suitable for any job you give us, and can help you refine down to the actor who is best for the role you want to fill. Take away the risk of hiring an actor and use our acting casting agency today.

Female Promotional Models

The main job of a promotional model is somewhat self-evident; to promote a company or brand. They can promote at any kind of event, whether it’s a car show or on a convention floor.

There are a lot of girls out there claiming to be female promotional models, and it can be hard to find a true professional among all the fakes. Our female promotional models are the best of the bunch. They are not in this profession because it looks fun, or because it seems like easy money. No, our female promotional models are here because we hand-picked them as the best at the job they do. Female promotional models signed by our agency have a true talent for representing brands in the best possible way.

Personality is something necessary in a good female promotional model, but something that a lot of those who claim to be promotional models do not seem to have. We try to match the character traits of our female promotional models to how your brand wants to be seen by the public. This creates a sense of harmony between the company and the female promotional model that an amateur would not have. As the walking, talking representation of your brand at an event or function, a female promotional model must embody your brand as well as selling your products. Due to our access to an incredibly diverse range of female promotional models, we can make this match happen so that your brand has a true representative at events. Anything you’re looking for can be found within the range of promo girls we have in our agency.

Female promotional models must be outgoing and confident to successfully sell your brand or company to prospective customers. They can look good, but they must also be able to interact with the public to create a positive connection. This positive connection will leave a good association in the minds of those the female promotional model interacts with and create a lasting good impression for your brand. Our female promotional models are all professionals who are trained in creating positive connections such as this one, so that your brand or company is seen in the best possible light by consumers at your chosen events.

Presentation is the most basic purpose of a promotional model, but you’d be surprised at how often it’s the first thing amateurs forget. As trained professionals, our female promotional models will always look stunning, linking their attractiveness to your brand and thus making it an attractive brand for consumers.

Our female promotional models are the best you can find. High-calibre and professional, they will knock people of their feet and create a lasting impression in the minds of potential customers. Your brand or company need look no further for representation at events and functions than our female promotional models.

Promo Girls Adelaide

The main job of a promo girl is somewhat self-evident; to promote a company or brand. She is fun-loving and makes your products look good to everyone she encounters, whatever the event. She can promote at any kind of event, whether it’s a car show or on a convention floor.

Finding the right promo girl in Adelaide can be a difficult task. Promo girls need to have a range of qualities to be successful in their diverse and varied roles. Amateur promo girls can be, let’s face it, terrible, and you never know what the quality of someone you hire from outside an agency is. Instead of taking a dip into the wild bag of random, and often untalented promo girls in Adelaide, we suggest you take a look at the Adelaide promo girls our agency has available. We have a range of talented, professional promo girls in Adelaide who will suit the needs of a range of brands with their diverse skills and qualities. All of them are beautiful, unique and an ideal representative for any brand, and here is why.

As if it wasn’t obvious, the best promo girls are always talented at interacting with others. When representing your brand or company, our promo girls don’t just wait for consumers to interact with them; they go out and bring the consumers in with a welcoming smile and polite conversation. Without being rowdy or rude, they make your brand the focus of everyone’s attention through their cheerful chats and entrancing conversation starters. They will represent your brand confidently, but in a way that will not alienate the people who you want to attract as your customers. Essentially, our promo girls will draw people in to look at your products and encourage behaviour that shares your brand on social media.

Promo girls have to stand out from the crowd, whether it’s with their incredible beauty or crazy outgoing personality. This will make people look at them, and therefore look at your brand too. Promo girls attract the right kind of attention and draw people to them. All our promo girls in Adelaide stand out in some way or another, and we can help you choose the right promo girl to suit the needs of your brand.

Our promo girls are professional and driven. This means that they are never late, always well presented, and make sure that they represent your brand in the best way possible. We choose our promo girls for the special qualities that they hold, and we promise you that not one of our promo girls in Adelaide would ever let your brand down in any way. Hiring an amateur promo girl is risky as these girls are the face of your brand for the events and functions you hire them for. Hiring a promo girl through our agency eliminates that risk and makes sure that you get the best quality service money can buy.

Don’t take a chance on an amateur promo girl; be sure the face of your brand will be the best it can be by hiring one of our talented, beautiful girls. For the best quality promo girls in Adelaide, look no further. We have you sorted for a representative at events and functions no matter what your brand needs with our incredibly diverse selection of promo girls.

Male Promotional Models

The main job of a promotional model is somewhat self-evident; to promote a company or brand. They can promote at any kind of event, whether it’s a car show or on a convention floor.  Top Models have Exceptional Male Promotional Models and Male Talent email us today for a quote.

Male promotional models are an effective and lucrative way to advertise your brand. Much rarer than promo girls, male promotional models (or ‘promo guys’) can be very hard to find. Lucky for you, we have a diverse range of male promotional models on our books, who can help you promote and sell your brand or company no matter what the event. Our male promotional models have all the qualities you could ask for in a good promotional model, and will represent your brand or company in the best way possible.

To be a great male promotional model, it is essential that you are able to interact with a wide range of people and remain appealing. Our male promotional models do not have a limited market appeal; instead they appeal to everyone and anyone. They are friendly and approachable, and will represent your brand to the public in a way that attracts potential customers. If there is a specific ‘look’ you want, we can help you refine a list down until you have the male promotional model who is perfect to represent your brand.

Being a male promotional model is a large responsibility. The male promotional model you choose is the face of the brand for the event or function at which he represents you. Choosing the professional male promotional models on our books will always be a better choice than the amateurs out there who claim to do the same job. Our male promotional models are outgoing without being too loud, and can attract potential customers without making a scene. They are perfect representatives of your brand, and will encourage people to share your company on social media to build up a larger presence in the eyes of the public.

Not only are our male promotional models appealing to a lot of people and responsible brand advocates, they also make sure to stand out from the crowd. While some male promotional models will blend in and not have that special flair that only talented promo guys have, our promotional models will be sure to stand out. They will make your brand a known presence at whatever event they represent you at, and their unique looks and diversity mean that they do not go unnoticed. Aside from being conventionally attractive, our male promotional models also have special personalities that make people notice them for reasons other than their looks. Whether they are outgoing and fun-loving, or mysterious yet approachable, potential customers will be drawn to our male promotional models and thus to your brand.

Amateurs don’t have a look-in where male promotional models are concerned – you need a professional to do a perfect job. Our male promotional models have everything you could want and more. No matter what the event or function, we have the ideal representative for your brand.

Male Actors

Actors are performers in a range of genres, and are able to read a script and act like a character.

Male actors have a lot of expectations thrust upon them in what is becoming a difficult industry to succeed in. Everyone is looking for something different in a male actor, but with our broad range available for work, you are sure to find one who represents exactly what you’re looking for, whether that is a leading action star or the perfect smile for a toothpaste commercial. Our male actors have depth, intelligence and resilience, and whatever you’re looking for, we can supply the right guy.

Depth is essential in a good male actor. They must have many dimensions in their personality to draw from, which gives them the ability to play a variety of roles. This comes from having life experience as well as training, which all of our male actors can promise. Our male actors are rich in their experiences and their personalities demonstrate this depth, with a sense of empathy and understanding for any character you ask them to play. Their wisdom and maturity will add a level of authenticity and emotion to your script as only the best male actor could do.

Intelligence is another quality you will find in the ideal male actor for your purposes. Although it does not do to overthink a role, having a broad knowledge base lends an integrity to the parts these male actors will play. They will understand the lines they speak at the highest level, allowing them to dig deep into the psyche of a character and give a truly authentic performance. Even at the most basic level of advertising acting, this intelligence is still essential in a good male actor so that he knows how to effectively market the product to the right audience.

Resilience is something often lacking from lesser male actors. They believe that they know what is right and cannot take the criticism which is necessary to further their development as an actor in a role. Our male actors understand that this is a negative quality. Instead of resisting changes to their style, they will embrace them as a learning curve and grow from the experience. Whatever you tell them, they will bounce back and improve, taking on board the advice you give them. Male actors must be able to adapt to change and move forward, and ours do exactly that, allowing them to give high calibre performances that suit exactly what our clients desire.

If you are looking for the highest quality male actor possible to find, look no further. Male actors at our agency have all the above qualities and skills and more, which means that they are the perfect choice for any role. With a wide variety of skill sets and personalities available in our male actors, we know that we have exactly who you are looking for, and that you will be satisfied with a high quality of acting no matter which male actor you choose.


An emcee is the master of ceremonies at an event. They will carry out proceedings as the host, making sure everyone sticks to your agenda by moving along performers or telling people what’s happening next, as well as providing a few jokes to lighten the mood if appropriate.

A good emcee knows how to spice up an event with their unique personality. They bring life to the management of your function or event, ensuring things run smoothly and go the way you would want them to. While relieving you of the stress of crowd control and speaking at the actual event, emcees will also make sure that everyone is having fun, meaning your event is memorable and enjoyable for all attendees. Emcees are not easy to find, especially not talented ones. Luckily we have a selection of extremely good emcees on our books who have all the qualities which will allow you to run an extraordinary event for your clients, friends or colleagues. Our emcees are reliable, personable and good improvisers, which means we’ve got you covered in terms of hosting an event.

Reliability is key in an emcee. We can’t stress enough how terrible it is to have a performer just not show up, or show up late, to any event that is important to a client. That’s why we take it upon ourselves to ensure that all of our emcees are punctual and able to deliver. They will not only show up on time, every time, they will deliver a high quality performance that meets all of your standards and requirements. The emcees we hire are the best in the business, and are reliable not in just showing up, but also in the quality compere service they deliver.

The ability to connect with an audience is absolutely vital for a good emcee. If there is no connection, the event can feel awkward as the person up on the stage is not doing a good job. Don’t fear, because we screen our emcees for this too. They are all incredible at sussing out who’s in the audience and how to best relate to them as a host. Our emcees make everyone feel welcome and happy, so that your event will go exactly as you planned it.

Improvisation is another skill we make sure all our emcees have, and it’s hard to find in an amateur emcee. Everyone knows that an event will most likely not go exactly how you expect it to go. This means that when something out of the blue does happen, you need an emcee who can roll with it. The audience, that is, the attendees of your event, will be happy and relaxed if they see that the emcee up in front of them is too. Whatever happens, our emcees will stay smiling and positive, making sure that their audience is content too.

Don’t settle for an amateur emcee for your big day, whether it’s a wedding or corporate function. So many things could go wrong, but hiring an emcee through us means that whatever happens, the host of your event will stay on your side, helping the event run smoothly throughout the day or night. We have a range of emcees available for any event, to help you with your big day.

Female Actors

Actors are performers in a range of genres, and are able to read a script and act like a character.

Acting, whether for film or advertising, is an industry where hiring an amateur will have potentially devastating effects for your film company or institution. Hiring the best female actor will bring life to your corporation or idea and represent your brand and everything you stand for. It’s not always easy to find a truly great female actor, as there are a lot of qualities they need to have to be successful in their roles. Our female actors are extremely experienced and professional – these women are reliable, talented, personable and make scripts come to life.

Reliability is key in a good female actor. A lot of appointments happen in the casting and filming process, and the best female actor will make all of these punctually and with a smile. Our female actors will never let you down, always showing up on time and delivering high quality work. At times, an amateur female actor can forget appointments and not show up, thus letting down the whole operation and production. With our organized management system, this will never happen and you can rest assured that the woman you hire for your film or ad will be there on time, every time.

Talent is another thing that is essential in a good female actor. Some agencies will try and tell you that good looks are all that matter, but we know that for female actors, training and ability are essential. Our female actors are highly trained, and speak their lines with passion and emotion, instead of like a robot. On screen, they will appear just how you want them, and respond well to criticism, being sure to deliver exactly what you, as our client, has asked of them. Although these female actors can be given instruction, they also work well when left alone. Their training and talent mean that they can interpret a script with flair if you give them the freedom to do so. Our female actors look and sound good on screen due to their talent and training.

Personality and confident interactions with other have become extremely important for female actors in the world of stage and screen. As they represent your production company or brand at events and functions, female actors must be friendly and approachable. They are the public face of your company once they represent you on screen for all the world to see, so we offer only the most charming female actors we can find. They will never let you down or be lost for words at an event, and can always represent you to the best of their ability.

Our female actors have all the qualities you may require of them. Film and TV are two very public industries where you want only the best people representing you. Our female actors are the best possible choice, and will disappoint with their vast array of essential skills and qualities.

Plus Size Models in Sydney

Book your Plus size models today with Top Models. Plus Size are the new size zero of the millennium. Contact  With our lifestyle trend, people don’t get thinner over time. Women start to gain weight in their late 20s or early 30s and put on a pound every single year during their 40s and 50s. This scenario is factual and inevitable. Only a portion of women stays thin and slender as they age and only a few will be able to fit in those size 4 dresses. Therefore, size zero fashion models do not really depict the reality that women all over the world needs more than just a show. 

In Sydney, they started to put up model agencies for plus size models. It’s an innovation to the societal norm that only the slim models have the right to claim the catwalk. Surprisingly, the plus size modeling industry in Sydney is currently booming and a lot of modeling agencies are looking for potential plus size models and talents.

For starters, a plus size model is somewhere between a UK size 12 to 16 and around 5′8″ to 6′0″tall. Size 18 to 20 models are also welcome, however, agencies seldom prefer these sizes so it’s better not to keep your hopes up, but you might as well try. For those wanting to enter the industry to become plus size models in Sydney, here are some reminders to help you attain a perfect shape.

Tone up. Although you are expected to be larger than usual, agencies prefer someone with toned up body structure. Exercise a bit to tone up your arms, thighs and butt so that you’ll look good in photos and runway shows. After all, you might be required to represent a swimwear or lingerie line.

Be in proportion. Plus size models are still required to keep the usual ten inch body proportion. Avoid gaining too much weight on your top or bottom. Your body should look balanced and healthy at the same time.

Rest well. Having enough sleep won’t hurt your career. Despite your busy schedule, make sure that you get sufficient sleep so that you’ll be ready for the next day’s activity. Keep in mind that lack of sleep can result to sudden weight loss and being a plus size model, you can’t afford to drop a pound.

For you to become a successful plus size model in Sydney, you must be determined and dedicated at the same time. Your desire to become successful in your chosen career will defy all odds that delimit your potential. The plus size modeling industry becomes highly competitive and for you to stand out, you have to make sure that you want this career more than anyone else. Focus on your life goals and take good care of yourself. This way, you’ll become not just a model, but an inspiration to hundreds of aspiring plus size models in Sydney.

Choosing the Best Female Models in Sydney

Sydney is the home of talented, beautiful, slender women with perfect height and body ratio. As a matter of fact, Miranda Kerr and Jessica Hart, two of the most popular faces of world’s famous Victoria’s Secret are originally from Sydney. A lot of local and international brands are currently searching for female models in Sydney and it is simply because they love the culture, the vibe and the professionalism that these women have to offer.

Models play a significant role in the success of a brand, especially in the field of marketing.  Choosing the right female model for your brand is a vital process because they would reflect not only the apparel, but the name of your company as well. They can be seen on the streets and someone would recognize them as part of your identity, so choose your model wisely. Here are some tips on how you can choose female models in Sydney who would perfectly go along with your brand.

Choose a legitimate modeling agency
Because Sydney is an established fashion capital of Australia, it’s very easy to find modeling agencies to help you with your business. However, be mindful of fly by night modeling agencies. Often times, they ask for upfront fees and cannot present any registered license. Be cautious as they might be involved in some human trafficking. It’s best to search for trustworthy agencies that have catered a lot of significant brands and fashion shows. They might be more expensive as compared to others, but at least you’re confident that your money goes in the right pocket. 

Not just the face, but the body built
Don’t just rely on the face. Take some time to look at their portfolio and see if their body built is suitable for the particular endorsement. Of course, all of the female models are pretty, but you might want to choose someone who has the perfect body type for your lingerie line, longer legs for the jeans and broader shoulders for the sweatshirt, whichever you’re advertising. To save time, talk to the agency and see if they can recommend some female models that would best suit your preference.

Professionalism is the key
One of the reasons why brand makers love female models from Sydney is primarily due to their innate professionalism. They are well loved by the photographers and the people behind the scene. If you’re having doubts regarding the models you chose, check their past contracts to see if they have efficiently fulfilled their previous tasks. If they have recurring projects and offers, it’s likely that the model is wanted for her professionalism.

Mostly Attitude
Attitude is different from professionalism. The former is more up close and personal while the latter is bounded by work. Once you choose the right female models for the ads or fashion shows make some time for a quick meet and greet. Let them know of your expectations and the reason why you have chosen them. There’s a good chance that if the crowd loves the model, then they would love the brand as well.  If this becomes an issue, subtly remind them that even if they are not in the shoot, they still represent the brand outside the premises.

A lot of female models in Sydney are already experienced and fully trained to reach their utmost potential. You’ll only have to choose according to your preference and the nature of the endorsement. They are already skilled, talented and ready to help boost your marketing campaign.


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