The main job of a female promo model is somewhat self-evident; to promote a company or brand. She is fun-loving and makes your products look good to everyone she encounters, whatever the event. She can promote at any kind of event, whether it’s a car show or on a convention floor. Email us today

Our agency can help you find the perfect female promo model in Canberra. Our wide range of diverse promo models means that we have someone for every brand, and every event that your brand or company wants representation at. Whatever message your company wants to send, we have a female promo model in Canberra who is perfect for you. Our female promo models will send exactly the message that you want to get across to potential customers in an exciting and fun way.

Female promo models in Canberra are not always great. Luckily, our selection of female promo models have been hand-picked for their skills in this tricky industry. They draw customers in with their good looks and smiles, and will help your brand to stand out among all the others. The ideal female promo model understands that when representing the company at an event, she is the face of their brand. All our female promo models in Canberra understand this, and are trained to interact with the public in a way that presents your brand in the best possible light.

Canberra is full of people who want to know that a brand is relatable directly to them. Hiring a female promo model helps your brand to create this relatable image, as they break down any barriers in communication between you and your potential customers. The female promo model you choose becomes like a walking, talking version of your brand, and the consumers in Canberra love this sense of direct communication and interaction with your brand and products. They will tell their friends and family about the amazing woman they met and how she was the perfect image of your amazing brand. Female promo models increase sales and awareness of your products and company, through building a positive image in the eyes of the public.

If you want your brand to stand out at events in Canberra, hiring one of our friendly female promo models is a great way to start. With our diverse range of female promo models in Canberra, we can set you up with someone on our books who would be ideal to represent your brand, whatever that may be. A female promo model will give life and energy to your company or brand, making a good impression on everyone she encounters and advertising your products. Make a positive difference to your brand’s image by hiring one of our female promo models to represent you at events and functions.

Need to hire an Actor - email .  Top Models is a casting agency for actors where we use our diverse database to find the perfect actor for a role. Top Models has a range of capable performers and are able to give you options until you find the right actor for a role.  

Need to hire an actor? Doubtful about finding the best actor for the job? Hire through an acting casting agency, like our company. We eliminate the risk when you hire an actor through us by handpicking the best talent prior to you employing our services. All of our actors are specifically chosen through a screening and talent process, and our large talent base means that when you hire through our acting casting agency, you get exactly what you pay for. Our acting casting agency will link you up with the best possible actor for the role you’re looking to cast, with an actor for every role imaginable.

The talent base of our acting casting agency is huge and diverse. We have selected all the best actors we could find, everyone of them unique. No matter what role you are looking to cast, we have the guy or girl for your film or TV programme. Jobs are never too big or too small for us, so whatever your status is in the world of stage and screen, we are happy to help you find an incredible actor to bring your script to life.

Our actors thrive on a challenge, and as an acting casting agency we make sure that they are able to deliver on every job to the highest possible standard. Our agency will never set you up with an actor who is inexperienced or unsure of their ability for the job. In casting an actor, we understand how difficult it can be to know an actor’s ability, which is why our actors are both experienced and trained. They will handle every situation maturely and work with a sense of knowledge that only comes from experience working in all types of productions.

Reliability is important in this industry where smoke and mirrors are so often used. We are open, honest and transparent in our negotiations as an acting casting agency. What you see is exactly what you will get. Our acting casting agency organises our actors and keeps them in communication with you, making sure that they know all the details and will be where you need them to be punctually, ready to go for whatever job you have employed them. We believe that when everything is clear and understood by both parties, the best possible results are attained, which makes our acting casting agency one of the most reliable you could find.

Acting casting agencies like ours ensure that our clients are given the best possible service. We don’t deceive our clients, and none of our actors are substandard. We take away the insecurity of not knowing who you are hiring, by making screening all our actors for talent before putting them on our books. Using our acting casting agency is like browsing a library of talent. We can come up with lists of actors who are suitable for any job you give us, and can help you refine down to the actor who is best for the role you want to fill. Take away the risk of hiring an actor and use our acting casting agency today.

A child model is a model that is still a child. Child models are usually employed to advertise, display, or even promote commercial products or brands. Child models can also be employed to serve as subjects of works of art, for example painting, photograph and also sculpture. Most child models are also actors or performers.

While there are many agencies that provide male and female child models in Australia, the best of these is TOP MODEL AND EVENTS. Unlike other model agencies, we have made sure that we maintain the highest level of professionalism for all our child models. They have the required level of communication skills, charisma, modeling experience, good looks and the dedication to deliver the best results. So, you can be sure that when you select any of our male or female child models, you will be certain that they will meet all your needs.

At TOP MODEL AND EVENTS, we have over the years handpicked our child models from different location all over Australia. This is our way of making sure that we have a variety of child models and also, to enable us to provide you with a child model that perfectly fits your location and business needs.

We understand that businesses are always struggling to spend within a specified budget and that is why we offer your company the best child models in Australia at costs that are budget friendly. Have a look at our child models and let us know if there is any that meets your company’s needs.

The main job of a promo girl is somewhat self-evident; to promote a company or brand. She is fun-loving and makes your products look good to everyone she encounters, whatever the event. She can promote at any kind of event, whether it’s a car show or on a convention floor.

Finding the right promo girl in Adelaide can be a difficult task. Promo girls need to have a range of qualities to be successful in their diverse and varied roles. Amateur promo girls can be, let’s face it, terrible, and you never know what the quality of someone you hire from outside an agency is. Instead of taking a dip into the wild bag of random, and often untalented promo girls in Adelaide, we suggest you take a look at the Adelaide promo girls our agency has available. We have a range of talented, professional promo girls in Adelaide who will suit the needs of a range of brands with their diverse skills and qualities. All of them are beautiful, unique and an ideal representative for any brand, and here is why.

As if it wasn’t obvious, the best promo girls are always talented at interacting with others. When representing your brand or company, our promo girls don’t just wait for consumers to interact with them; they go out and bring the consumers in with a welcoming smile and polite conversation. Without being rowdy or rude, they make your brand the focus of everyone’s attention through their cheerful chats and entrancing conversation starters. They will represent your brand confidently, but in a way that will not alienate the people who you want to attract as your customers. Essentially, our promo girls will draw people in to look at your products and encourage behaviour that shares your brand on social media.

Promo girls have to stand out from the crowd, whether it’s with their incredible beauty or crazy outgoing personality. This will make people look at them, and therefore look at your brand too. Promo girls attract the right kind of attention and draw people to them. All our promo girls in Adelaide stand out in some way or another, and we can help you choose the right promo girl to suit the needs of your brand.

Our promo girls are professional and driven. This means that they are never late, always well presented, and make sure that they represent your brand in the best way possible. We choose our promo girls for the special qualities that they hold, and we promise you that not one of our promo girls in Adelaide would ever let your brand down in any way. Hiring an amateur promo girl is risky as these girls are the face of your brand for the events and functions you hire them for. Hiring a promo girl through our agency eliminates that risk and makes sure that you get the best quality service money can buy.

Don’t take a chance on an amateur promo girl; be sure the face of your brand will be the best it can be by hiring one of our talented, beautiful girls. For the best quality promo girls in Adelaide, look no further. We have you sorted for a representative at events and functions no matter what your brand needs with our incredibly diverse selection of promo girls.

Entertainer is a phrase that comprises of very many professionals. Entertainers are mainly hired to make sure that they keep people entertained. An entertainer can be anyone from an actor, a musician, a magician, a comedian, among others. The main objective of an entertainer is to keep people entertain; others also have a message that they pass across while still managing to entertain the audience.

At TOP MODEL AND EVENTS, we have a list of professional male and female entertainers in Australia. Our entertainers are from different locations all over Australia to make sure that we provide you with a wide variety of entertainers with different talents. This means that no matter your location in Australia or your business/event needs, we will provide you with the best professionals that meet all your requirements.

We understand that having the right entertainer at your event is crucial and that is why we have assembled a team of the best male and female entertainers in Australia. The entertainers are professionals with excellent communication skills, good looks, extensive experience, and are very dedicated to ensuring that they meet your specifications. Unlike most other agencies that will charge you a lot of money to get an entertainer for our event, at TOP MDEL AND EVENTS, we will only charge a fraction of that amount and still manage to provide you with world class professional entertainers that will deliver great results.

If you are looking for entertainers, here is a list of the best entertainers TOP MODEL AND EVENTS has to offer.

Actors are performers in a range of genres, and are able to read a script and act like a character.

Male actors have a lot of expectations thrust upon them in what is becoming a difficult industry to succeed in. Everyone is looking for something different in a male actor, but with our broad range available for work, you are sure to find one who represents exactly what you’re looking for, whether that is a leading action star or the perfect smile for a toothpaste commercial. Our male actors have depth, intelligence and resilience, and whatever you’re looking for, we can supply the right guy.

Depth is essential in a good male actor. They must have many dimensions in their personality to draw from, which gives them the ability to play a variety of roles. This comes from having life experience as well as training, which all of our male actors can promise. Our male actors are rich in their experiences and their personalities demonstrate this depth, with a sense of empathy and understanding for any character you ask them to play. Their wisdom and maturity will add a level of authenticity and emotion to your script as only the best male actor could do.

Intelligence is another quality you will find in the ideal male actor for your purposes. Although it does not do to overthink a role, having a broad knowledge base lends an integrity to the parts these male actors will play. They will understand the lines they speak at the highest level, allowing them to dig deep into the psyche of a character and give a truly authentic performance. Even at the most basic level of advertising acting, this intelligence is still essential in a good male actor so that he knows how to effectively market the product to the right audience.

Resilience is something often lacking from lesser male actors. They believe that they know what is right and cannot take the criticism which is necessary to further their development as an actor in a role. Our male actors understand that this is a negative quality. Instead of resisting changes to their style, they will embrace them as a learning curve and grow from the experience. Whatever you tell them, they will bounce back and improve, taking on board the advice you give them. Male actors must be able to adapt to change and move forward, and ours do exactly that, allowing them to give high calibre performances that suit exactly what our clients desire.

If you are looking for the highest quality male actor possible to find, look no further. Male actors at our agency have all the above qualities and skills and more, which means that they are the perfect choice for any role. With a wide variety of skill sets and personalities available in our male actors, we know that we have exactly who you are looking for, and that you will be satisfied with a high quality of acting no matter which male actor you choose.

Actors are individuals that take on acting as either a part-time or fulltime profession. Actors usually portray characters in a comic or a dramatic production. Actors perform in theatre, film, radio, and television. There are a number of acting approaches. These are method acting, representational acting and presentational acting. In method acting, the actor identifies with the character he is portraying by reactions and emotions from their life. In presentation acting, the actor interacts with the audience directly or indirectly; they use tools such as language, gestures, looks, and any other signs to address the audience. Representation acting requires the actor to make the audience believe he/she is the character they are playing.

Getting the right actor for your comic or dramatic production should not be a daunting task. At TOP MODELS AND EVENTS, we have assembled the best actors from different locales across Australia. It does not matter whether you are in need of male or female actors from Sydney, or any other part of Australia, we will always have one that meets your exact needs. Our male and female actors have the skills and experience required to excel at any job you may need them for.

At TOP MODEL AND EVENTS, we have made sure that we make it easy for you to find the right male and female actors for your production needs. The best part about us is our low fees; this means that you will get the best actors in Australia at pocket friendly fees.

Actors are performers in a range of genres, and are able to read a script and act like a character.

Acting, whether for film or advertising, is an industry where hiring an amateur will have potentially devastating effects for your film company or institution. Hiring the best female actor will bring life to your corporation or idea and represent your brand and everything you stand for. It’s not always easy to find a truly great female actor, as there are a lot of qualities they need to have to be successful in their roles. Our female actors are extremely experienced and professional – these women are reliable, talented, personable and make scripts come to life.

Reliability is key in a good female actor. A lot of appointments happen in the casting and filming process, and the best female actor will make all of these punctually and with a smile. Our female actors will never let you down, always showing up on time and delivering high quality work. At times, an amateur female actor can forget appointments and not show up, thus letting down the whole operation and production. With our organized management system, this will never happen and you can rest assured that the woman you hire for your film or ad will be there on time, every time.

Talent is another thing that is essential in a good female actor. Some agencies will try and tell you that good looks are all that matter, but we know that for female actors, training and ability are essential. Our female actors are highly trained, and speak their lines with passion and emotion, instead of like a robot. On screen, they will appear just how you want them, and respond well to criticism, being sure to deliver exactly what you, as our client, has asked of them. Although these female actors can be given instruction, they also work well when left alone. Their training and talent mean that they can interpret a script with flair if you give them the freedom to do so. Our female actors look and sound good on screen due to their talent and training.

Personality and confident interactions with other have become extremely important for female actors in the world of stage and screen. As they represent your production company or brand at events and functions, female actors must be friendly and approachable. They are the public face of your company once they represent you on screen for all the world to see, so we offer only the most charming female actors we can find. They will never let you down or be lost for words at an event, and can always represent you to the best of their ability.

Our female actors have all the qualities you may require of them. Film and TV are two very public industries where you want only the best people representing you. Our female actors are the best possible choice, and will disappoint with their vast array of essential skills and qualities.

There are many types of fashion models, such as runway models, plus size models, supermodels, etc. Finding the right fashion model for your event, or brand, or magazine should not be difficult. To make it easier for you to find fashion models in Australia, TOP MODEL AND EVENTS has assembled male and female fashion models from different parts of the country. This is to make sure that we are able to provide you with the best fashion models no matter your location in Australia.

Our female and male fashion models have excellent communication skills, good looks, a professional attitude towards their work, determination to deliver exactly what you expect from them, and experience that makes them the best. It does no matter whether you are looking for fashion models for your runway event, for your fashion magazine cover, clothing lines, or brand, you can be sure that we will have whatever you need. Unlike other fashion modeling agencies in Australia, at TOP MODEL AND EVENTS, we are determined to ensuring that you get the best and most professional male and female fashion models that meet all your needs and requirements at reasonable fees that are pocket-friendly. You can always be sure that with TOP MODEL AND EVENTS you will get only the best and topmost male and female fashion models in Australia because of the criteria that we use to select our models. Go through our list of fashion models and find the one that is perfect for your needs.

Sydney is the home of talented, beautiful, slender women with perfect height and body ratio. As a matter of fact, Miranda Kerr and Jessica Hart, two of the most popular faces of world’s famous Victoria’s Secret are originally from Sydney. A lot of local and international brands are currently searching for female models in Sydney and it is simply because they love the culture, the vibe and the professionalism that these women have to offer.

Models play a significant role in the success of a brand, especially in the field of marketing.  Choosing the right female model for your brand is a vital process because they would reflect not only the apparel, but the name of your company as well. They can be seen on the streets and someone would recognize them as part of your identity, so choose your model wisely. Here are some tips on how you can choose female models in Sydney who would perfectly go along with your brand.

Choose a legitimate modeling agency
Because Sydney is an established fashion capital of Australia, it’s very easy to find modeling agencies to help you with your business. However, be mindful of fly by night modeling agencies. Often times, they ask for upfront fees and cannot present any registered license. Be cautious as they might be involved in some human trafficking. It’s best to search for trustworthy agencies that have catered a lot of significant brands and fashion shows. They might be more expensive as compared to others, but at least you’re confident that your money goes in the right pocket. 

Not just the face, but the body built
Don’t just rely on the face. Take some time to look at their portfolio and see if their body built is suitable for the particular endorsement. Of course, all of the female models are pretty, but you might want to choose someone who has the perfect body type for your lingerie line, longer legs for the jeans and broader shoulders for the sweatshirt, whichever you’re advertising. To save time, talk to the agency and see if they can recommend some female models that would best suit your preference.

Professionalism is the key
One of the reasons why brand makers love female models from Sydney is primarily due to their innate professionalism. They are well loved by the photographers and the people behind the scene. If you’re having doubts regarding the models you chose, check their past contracts to see if they have efficiently fulfilled their previous tasks. If they have recurring projects and offers, it’s likely that the model is wanted for her professionalism.

Mostly Attitude
Attitude is different from professionalism. The former is more up close and personal while the latter is bounded by work. Once you choose the right female models for the ads or fashion shows make some time for a quick meet and greet. Let them know of your expectations and the reason why you have chosen them. There’s a good chance that if the crowd loves the model, then they would love the brand as well.  If this becomes an issue, subtly remind them that even if they are not in the shoot, they still represent the brand outside the premises.

A lot of female models in Sydney are already experienced and fully trained to reach their utmost potential. You’ll only have to choose according to your preference and the nature of the endorsement. They are already skilled, talented and ready to help boost your marketing campaign.

Finding the perfect promotional models key to any business’s need to drive consumer demand for their services, brand, product or concept. The promotional models are usually required to directly interact with potential consumers. It goes without saying that majority (if not all) the promotional models, both male and female, have to be attractive in appearance. TOP MODELS AND EVENTS has some of the best male and female promotional models in Australia. The 100’s of promotional models available have years of experience working with business and brands in different industries.

TOP MODEL AND EVENTS takes a lot of things into consideration when hiring models. We look at things such as charisma, good looks, confidence, intelligence, marketing and sales experience, and excellent communication skills. This is to make sure that we provide you with only the best and most professional male and female promotional models in Australia. We also have promotional models of varying ages to make sure that no matter your age requirements, we will always have the perfect fit for your needs.

At TOP MODEL AND EVENTS, we make sure that no matter your locale in Australia, we provide you with promotional models that will meet your requirements. Our female and male promotional models will ensure that you’re your company or brand makes the perfect and long-lasting first impression – and the best part of it all it that our prices are pocket friendly compared to other agencies out there. If you are in need of only the best male and female promotional models for any event in Australia, have a look at our top models and you will definitely find the perfect one(s) fitting your needs.

Hiring a promotional model (or a ‘promo girl/guy’) for your company or to sell product at an event or function is an extremely effective mode of advertising. Instead of having a beautiful, but fake, poster girl or poster guy to make your product more appealing, you can instead have a real live person doing the same thing, who can tell consumers and journalists about your product as well as making it look good. These models remove the distance between the consumers and the products they may see on a billboard or TV ad, and create a sense of accessibility for the public. Promotional models don’t just help to sell products, they make them come alive, adding energy and excitement with this fun way of attracting consumers.

Good promotional models in Sydney are not always easy to find. The perfect promotional model needs to have a degree of professionalism that many amateurs who market themselves as promotional models do not have. With our Australian ‘do it yourself’ mentality, many people believe that the should not outsource for something like promotional modelling, which surely many people could do. The fact is, working as a promotional model is not as easy as it seems. A promotional model is the face of the company, especially in such a tight market as Sydney.

There are a lot of skills required of the ultimate promotional model. They must be sociable and innovative, and able to represent a company at a range of events with the same energy and flair. Never lost for words, they will always be selling your products, either with a smile or a well thought out conversation. They must therefore have a lot of experience in this field, so that they can build up a lasting connection with consumers and companies quickly. With so many events on in Sydney, having a great promotional model to represent your company out in the real world, with big consumers, is one of the best ways to spread the word. Social media posts with the promotional model will elevate the status and popularity of your brand for the whole world to see, so while targeting specific events may seem narrow, it is a wise decision if you have a promotional model in your team.

The brand awareness raised by having a promotional model to represent your company or product is incredible, and outdoes anything created by a static ad which consumers cannot relate to nearly as much as a real person. Promo girls and guys can make or break a company in the eyes of consumers, so choose carefully. Don’t settle for an amateur to do a job that is so very important for your company’s status; choose the best promotional model you can find in Sydney.

Catwalk models (also referred to as runway models) are used by major clothing and fashion labels to showcase clothing and accessories from fashion designers, consumers, and fashion media. Unlike most other types of models, catwalk models have very strict requirements in terms weight and height measurements. During a runway show, catwalk models are required to constantly change their makeup and clothes. They also have to stand, turn and walk so that they can demonstrate key features of the garments and accessories they are wearing. Finding the right catwalk model can at time prove to be a difficult endeavor for fashion designers and label. This is why TOP MODEL AND EVENTS has put together the best catwalk model in Australia.

We understand that choosing the perfect catwalk model is extremely crucial and that is why we have always made it our priority to only work with professional catwalk models. Our models are selected based on their runway experience, good looks, communication skills and professionalism. To make sure that we are able to provide labels and designer with the best catwalk models from anywhere in Australia, we have models in Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Surfers Paradise, Sydney, Queensland, Darwin, Perth, and Gold Coast.

Unlike most modeling agencies out there, at TOP MODEL AND EVENTS we realize that money should never be an obstacle and this is why our fees are always budget friendly to you, our customers.

Tattooed models are models that do not fit into any conventional types of models. Some examples of alternative models include Goth, punk, tattooed, and fetish models, among many others. The main thing about these models is the fact that they have distinct attributes that are being sought after by companies and brands that a looking for those specific attributes. Most of these alternative models fall in between (of a cross of both) art modeling and glamour modeling.

At TOP MODEL AND EVENTS we boast of a wide range of alternative models that are very professional and can help you and your business (or brand) achieve the set goals. Our male and female tattooed models are handpicked from different cities all over Australia to make sure that we have enough variety to cater for every company’s needs. Whether you are looking for an tattooed model in Sydney, or anywhere else in Australia, you can rest assured that we will always deliver the best.

All our alternative models in Australia have been carefully selected and have excellent communication skills, good looks, great marketing and sales experience, professional attitude, and dedicated to ensuring that your brand meets its intended goals. Unlike most modeling agencies out there that will charge you truckloads of cash, at TOP MODEL AND EVENTS, we will only charge you a small fraction for our topnotch and professional male and female alternative models in Australia.

Here is a list of some of our best male and female alternative models in Australia

Despite the fact that there are many female and male models in Australia, it is sometimes a daunting task for a business or brand to find the right fit whenever they are looking to hire a model for any of their campaign(s). To make sure that a business has a simple task of choosing the perfect model to hire, we have over the years put together a team of different type of models. It does not matter if you need a trade show model, promotional model, catwalk model, teenage model, child model, bikini model, photographic model, plus size model, fashion model, alternative model, mature model, entertainer or actor; at TOP MODEL AND EVENTS, we have the best.

We always make sure that we hire professional models that have charisma, the necessary sales and marketing experience, confidence, good looks, and great communication skills. All this is to make sure that whenever you choose to hire a model from TOP MODEL AND EVENTS, you will only get the best male and female models in Australia. We have also made sure that our team consists of models from different parts of the country such as Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Surfers Paradise, Sydney, Queensland, Darwin, Perth, and Gold Coast.

At TOP MODEL AND EVENTS we understand that you do not have to part with truckloads of money just to hire a model. This is why we have made sure that our fees are budget friendly.

Plus size models have larger body measurements compared to other fashion models. Most plus size models are used in runway shows to showcase different apparel lines from plus size labels and also in advertisements. The models may also be used in different events or occasions – it all depends with what a business or brand wants to achieve.

Finding the right male or female plus size model in Australia should not be a difficult task. At TOP MODELS AND EVENTS, we carefully select all our models to ensure that when you choose any of them, you get the best and most professional male and female plus size models. We understand that picking the right model is crucial in order for your business to make the right first impression; and one that will be long-lasting.

All our plus size models are professionals with the required charisma, excellent communication and people skills, marketing and sales experience, good looking, and dedicated to ensuring that they provide the best representation of your brand to create the required awareness. It does not matter the event, product or brand you want to create awareness for, you can never go wrong with any of our female and male plus size models in Australia.

No matter your business or brand needs, you can be sure that we will always have the right male or female plus size models that will be a perfect fit for what you want. Just go through the list of our plus size models in Australia and you will definitely get the right one for your company.

Top Models has Trade show models (sometimes called trade show hostess/host, booth professional, convention model, or booth companions) who are hired to work in collaboration with the sales representative of a company. They are mainly hired for events such as exhibits or trade shows and work on the show booth (floor space) making sure they represent that company to the attendees. The models are used to attract and draw in attendants, provide basic information and answer customer questions about services and products, collect information from customers that can be used for future promotions and distribute marketing materials.

At TOP MODEL AND EVENTS, we have made sure that we put together a team of the best male and female trade show models in Australia. All our models have charisma, sales and marketing experience, have good looks, are well versed in drawing potential customers and keeping their attention, have excellent communication skills, full of confidence, and are professionals. We always make sure that each and every model that works with us meets all these requirements so that we can be able to guarantee the best results for our clientele. We have also made sure that we can have male and female trade show models in different parts of Australia like Trade Show Models Melbourne, Trade Show Models Canberra, Trade Show Models Adelaide, Trade Show Models Brisbane, Trade Show Models Surfers Paradise, Trade Show Models Sydney, Trade Show Models Queensland, Trade Show Models Darwin, Trade Show Models Perth, and Trade Show Models Gold Coast.  Contact for a quote today


If you need a great trade show model in Australia, contact us.

Mature models are models that are 40 years or above. These may be fashion models, alternative models, or any other. These models are mainly used to promote, advertise, create awareness, and showcase products (brands or events) that are geared towards individuals who are above the age of 40 years. Mature models over the years have increasingly been on demand. This is because nowadays there are many clothing lines, products, event and brands that are designed for mature (over 40 years) consumers. Using a mature model to promote or create awareness for any of these is a logical choice given the fact that the audience themselves are of a mature age.

At TOP MODEL AND EVENTS, we have male and female mature models from different areas all over Australia. We have done this to ensure that we are always able to provide you with the best mature models no matter your Australian locale.

All our male and female mature models in Australia have the necessary communication skills, work experience, good looks, charisma and the determination to ensure that they provide the best services. Despite the fact that our mature models in Australia provide award winning modeling services, we only charge a small fraction of the large sums of money that other modeling agencies out there ask for.

If you are looking for the best modeling agency that has a great collection of male and females mature models that offers a wide range of services (like runway, fashion, plus size and alternative modeling), TOP MODEL AND EVENTS is it. Just go through the list of our mature models and you are bound to find the one you are looking for.

Bikini models are mainly used to promote swimsuits and bikinis. Unlike most other types of models, bikini models have very specific physical requirements and have to be really attractive. Major swimsuit production lines will even sign bikini models exclusively (which means that the models only works for the label or brand that signed her). Any brand or company looking to launch their swimwear promotion campaign(s) needs to find the right bikini models to hire. At TOP MODEL AND EVENTS, we have made it our priority to ensure that we provide the best and most professional bikini models in Australia.

We have always ensured that we only select models that meet our physical requirements, have good looks, experienced, have great communication skills, have marketing and sales experience, have charisma, and confidence. With all our bikini models meeting these requirements, you can be sure that you will only get the best and most dedicated models from TOP MODEL AND EVENTS.

To make sure that we are able to provide brands and companies with bikini models in any location in Australia, with have models across the country in locations such as Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Surfers Paradise, Sydney, Queensland, Darwin, Perth, and Gold Coast.

The best part about doing business with our modeling agency is the fact that we understand as a business, you operate within the confines of a specific budget. This is why we always ensure that all our fees are budget friendly.

A teenage model is any professional model that is still in their teens. Teenage models can fall under very many modeling categories such as fashion, glamour, atmosphere, run way, alternative and many more. Teenage models are sought after by small, medium and large companies and brands that want to connect to their consumers – majority of whom are still in their teens. There are very many male and female teenage models in Australia.

At TOP MODEL AND EVENTS, we provide you with professional teenage models that have experience providing excellent services. Despite their teenage ages, our male and female teenage models in Australia have all the required characteristics of top models. They have excellent communication skills, good looks, charisma, sales and marketing experience, and are dedicated to whatever they are doing. Our teenage models are selected from different parts of Australia to ensure that no matter your location or model requirements, we will always provide you with the best professionals that are committed to ensuring that your brands make the right impression.

While other modeling agencies will charge you hefty fees for their models, TOP MODEL AND EVENTS is dedicated to ensuring that you get world class male and female teenage models at costs that are friendly to your budget. Go through our list of male and female teenage models in Australia and you can be sure that you will find the right one for your business, brand, event, or product needs.

Whenever any business wants to have an increase in demand for their concept, brand, product, or services they need to get the right promotional girls for their campaigns. Promotional girls are used by just about anybody - from business entities to individuals - that need to drive demand for what they have to offer. These promotional girls are hired to interact with potential customers directly. Due to these direct interactions with consumers, promotional girls are required to have good looks and excellent communication skills to make sure that they get the attention of customers and that they pass the right message. TOP MODEL AND EVENTS has the promotional girls you are looking for.

Our modeling agency takes many things into consideration when selecting models. We make sure that the promotional girls have good looks, confidence, charisma, sales and marketing experience, communication skills, work experience, dedication and drive to achieve the required promotional results. With all our promotional girls having all these traits, you can be sure that you will get a professional that will deliver the results that you are looking for.

To make sure that we cater for all clients in Australia, no matter the locale, we have assembled promotional girls in Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Surfers Paradise, Sydney, Queensland, Darwin, Perth, and Gold Coast. So if you need the best promotional girls in Australia, check the following list and select the one that meets your requirements and needs.


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